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Kitsune is a software aiming at solving digit problem of a famous television game show. It enables you to solve a problem of your choice, or to train yourself with random problems. Facing a problem, Kitsune will find all the different solutions, attempting not to put up comparable results (those which seem identical for a human player) : if the problem is solvable, this software will put up all the ways to reach the target. If the problem is not solvable, it will put up the best approximations.

Most recent version: 3.0, published 15 april 2012

Note : the binary files for version 3.0 are not available yet for all the platforms.


Kitsune-screenshot 1 Kitsune-screenshot 2 Kitsune-screenshot 3 Kitsune-screenshot 4


Since version 2.0, Kitsune contains english localization. If Kitsune doesn’t detect your system’s default language, you can change it manually in the options menu.


  • Sylvain Canivet : Mac package
  • Cyril Lavier : Ubuntu package
  • Bouska : RPM package
  • Achim Fegers : German translation


Programmers : Julien Lemoine, Simon Viennot.

If you want to report a bug, suggest a feature or translate kitsune into your own language, please contact us at the following address :

Julien Lemoine Email
Simon Viennot Email

You can also find us on, a shoot’em up game that you can edit yourself.

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